Agile4Life, LLC

Agile4life, LLC

Agile4Life is a consulting startup coaching families, coworkers & corporate entities to improve relationships and productivity by implementing the Agile mindset and practices.

In today’s high-tech culture, friends, families, coworkers and entire companies have moved so far from individual interactions that we are often in need of simple reminders to connect. Afterall, connection is what makes us human.

Agile4Life, LLC helps people get back to the basics of individuals & interactions, collaboration, making progress and being open to responding to the changes that can make life so rewarding when we step out of our own way.

Since it’s founding in 2001, the Agile mindset has been used to expedite productivity and performance in corporations across the world. Agile4Life applies these basic principles to all relationships through training, coaching, consulting and facilitation.

Founder, Kimberly Jo DeVault, has her Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development/Psychology & Master’s Degree in Journalism. With nearly 10 years of Agile experience as a Scrum Master and enterprise-level Agile Coach, Kimberly has passionately empowered individuals and teams to embrace the Agile mindset and implement powerful practices both professionally and personally.

Kimberly is available to consult corporate leaders, teams and coworkers; as well as small-business owners/teams, families, couples and individuals interested in becoming their most amazing selves.

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