About Us: Life Agilists

Life Agilists: Who are we?

  • Integrity We believe in and strive to live by the methodology and principles of the Agile Manifesto
  • Collaboration We believe that our best work is achieved when working with a team of individuals whom we trust.
  • Trust Trust is critical to the success of our Agility. We understand that our best work is achieved and maintained through trust in our team — family/friends/coworkers — our life-customers.
  • Continued Improvement We continually improve. We inspect and recognize our imperfections and are open to feedback from the individuals whom we trust. We use this valuable insight to better ourselves and our lives.

The Agile Manifesto: A Foundation for Healthy, Productive Living

The Agile Manifesto outlines the focal points in the Agile Methodology. Read the Agile Manifesto

    Here is an interpretation of the Agile Manifesto in relation to day-to-day living.

    • Software Development: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.
      Life Agilists: Individuals and interactions over electronic communication.
      Nothing replaces face-to-face contact. Especially when you consider that more than 80% of our communication is non-verbal, words only artiulate 20% of what we are attempting to say. In the age of technology, it’s no wonder that we are left feeling unheard and undervalued. Our communication has broken down. We have the power to change that by making a concerted effort to connect with each other again.
    • Software Development: Working software over comprehensive documentation
      Life Agilists: Make progress, not perfection.
      Use the information you have today to make a decision and apply your knowledge to an incremental step towards your ultimate goal. Don’t wait until you have the plan perfected. Simply take your first step, roll something out and improve upon it as you go. Perfection is *not* an option.
    • Software Development:Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.
      Life Agilists: Seek to understand. Stop trying to be right.
      This is about talking out conflict, openly welcoming differing views and coming to a better resolution with varying viewpoints.
    • Software Development: Responding to change over following a plan.
      Life Agilists: Roll with life, release expectations of how it should be.
      Amazing things can happen when we step out of life’s way and allow things to naturally reveal themselves to us. Set goals, and establish a high-level plan, while remaining open to life.