Agile 4 Life

MacKinzie Kane - Agile

Agile. Def. Able to move quickly and easily.

Agility is an obvious skill in gymnasts and certain athletes, but it’s also well known in the software development community.

I am an agile software development coach. Agile coaches facilitate the process of individual and team improvement and advocate for software development teams to become more flexible, adaptable and high-performing — by being agile. When I began coaching software teams to implement “Agile Methodologies,” I quickly realized that the agile teachings do not exist in a vacuum. As I began to facilitate agility across individuals and teams, I realized an abrupt change in my own agility – – and proof of the lack there of.

Agile software development methodologies promote iterative progress, rather than drawn out planning and holding onto something until it’s complete and perfect. These agile methodologies advocate for appreciating the individuals on the team, rather than the tools we use to track progress.

While this is a concept applied in the professional environments, it has just as much relevance in our every day lives — through interpersonal relationships that make up our lives.

Agile has no barriers.

Here is my Agile journey. I encourage you to embark on yours.

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