Agile Challenge – Baby Steps


babystepAgile baby steps. The term “Baby Steps” is synonymous with “Iterative Approach.”

Just start  by putting one foot in front of the other. We will most-likely not get it exactly right the first time. But after a few attempts, gathering information along the way, one step after another, we eventually form a trail, which becomes a mile, which evolves into a lifetime of progress.

But if we insisted in mapping out our entire journey before taking that first step…. we would never get our feet off the ground.

I love coaching agile software developers. Tech geeks who traditionally want to be left alone to write code and solve problems begin to communicate and depend on one another to collaborate, find greater results and continually improve.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Agile software development proves that even the most unsociable men (& women) appreciate the human connection found only through … the ever-complicated and unpredictable; interpersonal relationship.

While it’s great to witness the growth in others, it’s often times surprising, and even more eye-opening to become aware of my own weaknesses and “opportunities for improvement.” As I coach individuals about being “agile.” I am continually faced with my own inadequacies and imperfections.

When I began this journey, that was a fun revelation; recognizing that I myself am not that Agile. I have work to do. It’s a continued journey; a journey I welcome because each day, each challenge is an exciting opportunity to learn something new about others and myself. Each day offers a chance to improve. How exciting it is to know that every day and every interaction is an opportunity to do things better than I did it before.

A4L Revelation:

I believe in the power of being agile.
I myself have so much work to do. 
How can I believe in agility so strongly, and have so much more work to do at achieving it for myself?
I have seen the power in Agility and team-building, interpersonal growth, that results in individuals and teams.
The challenges and dedication to attentiveness is worth the benefits I have seen arise in others.
I strive for Agility for myself and am willing to make personal changes to experience this in my life.


A4L 2Day:

  • Agile Challenge: It’s taken me almost a month to actually get words out into a blog about being agile.
    I’ve planned it, worried about the best approach, wanting to roll out a product that had immediate “bang.”
  • Agile Solution: “Get out of my head. I am confident in this concept. I don’t have to know how it looks in the end; in it’s completion. Be iterative. Be Agile. Post *something* — it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just get something out there.”

A4L Proof of Concept: My first agile, imperfect, blog post. Baby Step #1.

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