Your Agile Lifestyle: Vision, Product & Customers

Agile Vision, Product & Customers

Agile is a mindset requiring us to embrace opportunities to reflect, adapt and grow. An Agile lifestyle is one that promotes change… </sarcasm>something we all love</sarcasm>.

I’ve always loved the quote, “Change is great; as long as it doesn’t involve me.” And this is often how we feel. Change is difficult; unless we learn to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead in the unknown. The Agile mindset is one that requires us to continually remain open to feedback — honest feedback — so that we can improve. This not only takes courage, it takes a team of people who are willing to work together to build trust.

The Agile principles that empower teams to improve by interacting and working together can be quite effective when applied to our everyday lives. Agile teams work towards a common vision or goal, building a product that best suits their customers. In our personal lives, we also work towards goals, building the product (product = you) for our customers … our families, friends and acquaintances.

So, if Agile can be a way of life, how do we incorporate the principles and practices into our personal lives?

To incorporate the Agile principles into our lives, one must ask:

  • What is your vision?
  • What product are you selling?
  • Who are your customers?

Your Vision
As an Agile-for-lifer, your vision is whatever you seek to attain; albeit small or large – this week or next year.

Your Product
You are your product. Your product continues to evolve based on how it is consumed and how it needs to improve.

Your Customers
Your customers are the people who interact with you for business, family relations or friendship.
Your customers are people who find you to be a necessity in their lives; for one reason or another.

Once these questions have been answered, Agile principles and processes can easily be integrated to create an Agile lifestyle. This blog will continue to delve into this concept of creating your vision, building your backlog and delivering results to your customers (family, friends and acquaintances.)

Meanwhile, I am curious to hear from you … how do you see Agile working in your life?

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