What are you Feeding your Corporate Body?

In today’s corporate world, we have one simple problem. Companies refuse to provide enough blood to support the life needed to keep that soul alive.

Imagine a company like a body. The company provides the blood and life support, the nutrients for the body. The people are synapsis, the cells, and the soul; the people become the unique energy of that corporate entity. Corporate culture is like any human being – there are no two alike. You can build two replicas exactly the same, and employ people with the same skills and experiences. On the outside they may look similar, but they are quite different.

Just as no two individuals are alike, no two corporations are alike. No corporate cultures will ever be the same.

No two souls will ever be the same.

The challenge we face today in our corporate world; and I use the term “corporate” loosely – is this… In order for the soul/culture of any body/company to stay alive, the body/company must be fed/continue to feed the soul.

Body = Company
Soul = People

Here’s where it gets real.

Just as your body needs the basic nutrients to *survive*, your company needs the basic nutrients to do the same.

If you expect your body to *thrive* or *excel*, you will need to provide more than the basics.
Supplements, freedoms, increased oxygen, space, mental awareness and health. Just as our bodies need this to thrive or excel, a company/culture/soul will need the same.

So next time you walk into your board meeting and wonder why your team is underperforming, ask yourself this, “What am I feeding this body?”

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