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The Very Agile Moriah!

The Very Agile Moriah!

I am very excited to introduce Moriah to our Agile4Life community. Moriah and I met collaborating on the Agile transformation at H&R Block. I was leaning into Agile while leading the DevOps transformation which relies on many Agile principles.

Moriah is as passionate about Agile as anyone I’ve ever met. She had a day job as the ScrumMaster for a Middleware team (also very geeky), but no, that wasn’t enough. She is so passionate about Agile that she took on the responsibility of getting an Agile community going to help shape the vision of Agile at an enterprise scale.

Moriah and I are teamed up again in our latest corporate transformation which started in IT and is quickly expanding across the enterprise.

But wait! There’s more! We are going to team up here on Agile4Life to talk about how an Agile mentality can impact your whole life. We plan on rolling out our Agile4Life podcast soon where we’ll talk about our experiences and invite guests across the spectrum to engage in this transformative topic.

Welcome Moriah! Let the Agile begin!

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