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Always Use Pencil

Always Use Pencil

Have you ever made a plan and something happened that changed the course of things in your life? Well if your answer is no, you probably aren’t a human. 🙂 In this blog post I will be outlining the importance of creating plans while accepting change.

It is the natural law of life for things to change, adapt, and evolve. All things: humans, animals, our ozone, and everything around us has and will be going through a constant change to account for every other change made throughout time. If we look back to 1686 at Newton’s Third Law of Motion; we see this very simply stated, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”. This means, every action we take toward our future causes some other reaction in the world around us. This could be as simple as you choosing to smile and be kind to those around you which ripples into the lives of those who interact with you. These people may then see their day in a more positive light or feel there is a glimmer of hope for kindness in the world.

This doesn’t mean we need to seek out an unnecessary change or make no plans for fear of a change disrupting things. This does, however, mean we should make plans knowing there could be a disruption, a road block, or even a u-turn. These things are often looked at as negative or at times as failure, I implore you to view these as lessons and a chance to grow. A chance to give back to the world… to provide insight or assistance to someone in need. We as humans, should focus on turning the negative energies we encounter into a chance to make the world a better place.

So how do you make a plan knowing it might change?

To do this, you must understand the difference between pencil and pen. With a pencil you can easily erase the markings, yet a pen is much more difficult to change after the fact. If all your plans focus on short increments of time and are written in pencil, they are much easier to change. Often we focus on creating a very specific plan with long timelines (2+ years). Instead, try something a little more like this:

GoalDescription3 Steps
Be More ActiveI would like to be more active so that I can get into better shape and remain in good shape.1.) Walk 5X a week for 20 min
2.) Park further from the store entrance
3.) Join a gym
Eat HealthierI would like to eat better food so that I can lose excess body fat and feel better overall.1.) Eat something green with every meal
2.) Stop buying junk food
3.) Make a new cuisine each month
This plan should be reevaluated on a monthly basis so you can make a change

As noted below the above table, you should constantly reevaluate your goals to make a change or addition. Example, you may have joined a gym so now you want to commit to going once a week OR maybe walking 5X a week is too often so you reduce it to 4X.

So friends, in closing, please make plans but please welcome change and always use pencil.

Moriah Coleman
Moriah Coleman

Agile Coach – Thought Leader – Change Agent

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