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Productive Planning

Productive Planning

Agile4Life podcast episode #4

How do we get from here to there?We don’t know about you, but we want to great things with our lives and that’s not really possible if we don’t have a well executed plan. On this episode Moriah and Aaron talk about what’s its like to make plans that get us toward our personal and professional goals.

Don’t just do work for work’s sake. There’s that great bit in the movie Office Space where the obnoxious boss is so focused on the creation of the TPS reports. But who cares? Is anyone using them? Or are they simply doing work for work’s sake.

Instead we need to live life with intentionality, with purpose. Productive planning can help fill our lives with achievements and accomplishments. Life without a plan doesn’t produce much value professionally or personally.

How are we going to track if we’re getting where we want to go? Focusing on the bigger picture establishes the horizon so we know where we want to go. Small plans align to larger plans. Companies have a strategic direction, we should have those same kinds of strategic goals for our personal lives as well.

Hear Moriah talking about not getting stuck in the “lazy pool” of life. Lots to consider on this topic. We hope you enjoy it!

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