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Are email, chat, and texts making things worse?

Are email, chat, and texts making things worse?

On this episode Moriah and Aaron talk about a book that was recently published called “A World Without Email” by Georgetown Computer Science professor Cal Newport.

The title of the book is quite catching. Email has become an electronic leash for far too many people, with expectations that you will reply almost immediately, even more so with chat and texts.

Is that a problem of the technology or the way we use it? Do we need to adopt a neo-ludite approach (props if you know what that is) or do we need to better manage our communications?

Dr. Newport’s book has given us a lot to consider as these electronic communications have become so dominate at work and at home. We hope you enjoy this episode and look forward to your feedback (comments, reviews, etc…). For more information on a wide variety of topics check out our website http://www.agile4life.com

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