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Continuously Improving through Accountability

Continuously Improving through Accountability

In today’s episode Moriah interviews Aaron about the idea of accountability, linking it with responsibility. These two pillars are foundational for a successful life, personally and professional.

But how? Accountability and responsibility are like two sides of the same coin and the metal that it’s made of is transparency.

Are you willing to be transparent so can be accountable for the goals you want to achieve in life or will you simply tell yourself that everything is great and you don’t need anyone’s input? 

Personality is clearly a factor. These concepts will be easier for some than others. Listen to Aaron & Moriah pretend to be psychologists (apologies to real psychologists). What’s the difference between changing habits vs changing behavior?

We need meaningful mechanisms for accountability to stay on task and do the hard work that is truly important. Let’s not waste time. If we’re just going to tell ourselves or others what we want to hear, like “oh yeah, I’m making lots of progress” then we’ve lost before we’ve even begun.

All of this requires we be open to receiving feedback from other people who have a different perspective, setting our egos aside in order to be our best selves, teams, and organizations. 

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