Hi! My name is Aaron. I’m a geek by nature. Yes, in my case that means I spend a lot of time in the technology world, but I’ve also come to believe that geek is not a subject, it’s a way of thinking about things. I love to geek-out on all kinds of different topics from computers to food to how I can have a better life.

Maybe you’ve heard the term Agile used in the business world. If you work in tech you almost certainly have. I’ll try to find some time later to write an article on the evolution of Agile from its origins in the industrial space to its use in writing computer software.

The more I have learned about Agile over the years the more I have begun to apply its principles to my personal life. Not surprisingly, its just as effective at home as it is at work. Its not magic and its not an overnight solution to all of life’s problems, but it is a different way of approaching life that can produce change where it so often fails.

More on the how later. This is just the starting point.

For those interested in such things, I’m the Director of DevOps and Test Engineering at H&R Block where I am constantly looking for ways to do things in a more agile manner.

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