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Agile at Work

Winning at Work

How to apply Agile at work regardless of what you do

Agile started in the workforce and will likely continue to be a thing for years to come. Even after some day in the future when people don’t use the very trendy term it will have left its mark.

You may have discerned from the name of this site that we want to find ways that an Agile mindset can make a different whether at work or in your personal life. That said, we spend a significant amount of our lives at work and so its worth making that time is productive as possible. Our blog posts and podcasts will often target issues that happen in your business and organizations.

The approaches are relevant whether you work for a small startup or a Fortune 500 enterprise. We will tack issues of how Agile scales, where it needs to be modified for your specific needs, when it involves it origins in IT and when it has nothing to do with technology.

Please send us questions or topics that you would like to have addressed. Also let us know if there are experts who you would like to hear from on one of our podcasts. We look forward to tackling all kinds of matters concerning Agile for Work.

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