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Books we like

Here are several books that I would recommend reading

Drive – Daniel Pink – Great book! Pink argues that a person can only be motivated by money to a certain point. Beyond that they are driven by autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Every individual has a chance to pursue those factors in their lives. It’s work the time to think about how you are motivated and if you need something else to develop a healthy drive.

Switch – Dan & Chip Heath – Great book on promoting change in a healthy, multi-dimensional way. Change requires direction, motivation, and shaping the path according to the Heath brothers. While this book is geared toward organizational change, it certainly can apply to day-to-day life.

Emotional Agility – Susan David – The path to fulfillment, whether at work or at home, is almost never a straight line. Ask anyone who has achieved their biggest goals or who thrives in their relationships, and you’ll hear stories of many unexpected detours along the way. What separates those who rise to these challenges and those who get derailed? The answer is agility—emotional agility.

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