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Retrospectives For Life

Through my time in the Agile world I have realized the true importance of a Retrospective in everyday life. You may be asking, “what is a Retrospective?” and “how can I use them?”. Let me explain…

A Retrospective as defined, is looking back on or dealing with past events or situations. If you take this concept and apply it to life it could look something like this. You write in a journal, on a daily calendar, or even little scraps of paper that you put in a jar, these three things: What has gone really well? What sucked and I want to change? What am I grateful for?. Once you have these items documented for, lets say, a month… you can pull them out and start to see the changes you want to focus on for the next month as well as some of the things you want to ensure you are repeating for the future.

This is a practice that can be used as an individual, with a partner, with children, or even with co-workers. What you will find is an iterative change in the way you live and communicate.

by Moriah Coleman January 5, 2021

Are email, chat, and texts making things worse?

On this episode Moriah and Aaron talk about a book that was recently published called “A World Without Email” by Georgetown Computer Science professor Cal Newport. The title of the book is quite catching. Email has become an electronic leash for far too many people, with expectations that you will reply almost immediately, even more […]

Working Agreements

Have you ever worked on a team and wondered who was supposed to be doing what? Or have you ever been on a team and your assumptions were met with a misunderstanding around roles? If your answer is yes, to either question… please keep reading. In this blog post, I will share a bit about […]

Productive Planning

Agile4Life podcast episode #4 How do we get from here to there?We don’t know about you, but we want to great things with our lives and that’s not really possible if we don’t have a well executed plan. On this episode Moriah and Aaron talk about what’s its like to make plans that get us […]

Tackling Complex Problems

In today’s Agile4Life Podcast we interview longtime friend George Westwater. George is a solutions architect who has worked on technology projects for some of the largest companies in America.  In addition to being an amazing technologist, George is also passionate about transformation. When thinking of how to approach a solution he starts with the people […]

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