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Retrospectives For Life

Through my time in the Agile world I have realized the true importance of a Retrospective in everyday life. You may be asking, “what is a Retrospective?” and “how can I use them?”. Let me explain…

A Retrospective as defined, is looking back on or dealing with past events or situations. If you take this concept and apply it to life it could look something like this. You write in a journal, on a daily calendar, or even little scraps of paper that you put in a jar, these three things: What has gone really well? What sucked and I want to change? What am I grateful for?. Once you have these items documented for, lets say, a month… you can pull them out and start to see the changes you want to focus on for the next month as well as some of the things you want to ensure you are repeating for the future.

This is a practice that can be used as an individual, with a partner, with children, or even with co-workers. What you will find is an iterative change in the way you live and communicate.

by Moriah Coleman January 5, 2021

Agile Habit Forming

On today’s episode Moriah and Aaron consider the importance of habits in an agile life. Charles Duhigg wrote a book called The Power of Habit where he helps his readers better understand how habits are formed and how they can impact our lives in all the best ways. How do we create habits in an…

Agile at Scale

On today’s podcast we are going to talk to our next guest, Bernard Williams, about his experience developing scaled agile, meaning agile when you want to practice agile on a grander scale then just a single team. This is often the case when there are lots of moving pieces, when one thing is dependent on…

What is Business Agility?

Without an understanding of Business Agility it makes it difficult for organzations to adapt and change to the world around us. In today’s podcast we’re going to be talking about Business Agility as a pivitol piece in our successes. We discuss the definition of Business Agility as found in this Wikipedia post, defined below, and…

Why we must be emotionally agile

Without healthy emotional control we won’t accomplish what we want to do. We often fail to truly appreciate the impact that our emotions have on ourselves and others. How can we achieve a healthy balance? How can we practice what psychologies call emotional regulation? Why does it even matter? Can’t we just let our emotions…

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